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Video: Mary Mary Says.. Leave Chris Brown and RiRi Alone!!

Published on April 11th, 2012

See this is why I can respect them, now I know a lot of the saints or people for that matter don’t agree, but let these people live!

Here’s what they had to say in reference to Chris Brown and RiRi..

“If people have gone that route and have learned from that mistake and have repented to each other and have repented to the world, I think that people deserve to have another chance,” Tina Campbell of Mary Mary says in the latest issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine.

“Let them people be in love if that’s what they want to do. You cannot be directing everybody’s comings and goings, and now they gotta decide, ‘Well, what is this gonna say to the media?,” says Campbell. “If they forgave each other, let them forgive each other.”

Now there is no confirmation whether or not the two are officially back together besides them working together musically, but whatever, Forgiveness People!!!

Thursdays on WeTv you can check Mary Mary on their docu-series @ 9PM.

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