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Move Over Mob Wives.. The Black Mafia Wives Our Shooting a Reality Show..

Published on January 4th, 2012

So now we’re teaching are young ladies thats it’s okay to marry a drug dealer to have a cute handbag and drive a C Class. LATE, Call me biased Honey because on one hand alot of us judge and criticize how these black women portray themselves. i.e. talking ignorant, fighting etc. but on the other hand we all tune in to watch, at least I do. I mean think about these shows with “US” and they seem to have the most highest ratings in reality television.

For example..RHOB.. Kyle and Taylor are beefing about how Kyle had to kick Taylor out of her party, Taylor hops into her limo and gracefully leaves, while Kyle is crying refusely because she had to kick her friend out. BUT THERE STILL FRIENDS!!

RHOA.. NeNe and Sheree are beefing about how NeNe tried to take Sheree $2,000 walk thru money!! Now they arguing, almost came to blows and they now hate each other and dont talk over a few dollars!! LMAO.. S/O TO Frankie!

Anyway you see the difference? More drama, more ratings, but you can’t really hate on em’ and you continue to watch! Will you be tuning in? I will…


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