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Reality Recap Rant.. Love and Hip Hop “Chrissy Tried It”

Published on January 10th, 2012

Ok let’s Fast Forward a bit…first of all Yandy went off!!! She read for points HunT LOL, as I continue to watch this season I see her as a hustler, a business woman and yet still a lady and I live, to me that’s a strong woman. Chrissy has repeatedly tried it on her time, but Yandy PAYS (ignores) her due to the sake of her and Jim’s relationship. So by all means she started to spill the Tea, Chrissy got jaded.

At the end of the day Yandy was his manger, FACT. Yandy worked for her coins, FACT! Part of managers job is to book shows and negotiate the best compensation and/or fee for the artist, that’s like the main important duty of a manager… so with that in mind. Chrissy you don’t work, FACT. Jim takes care of YOU, FACT…Nothing wrong with that by the way, but you tried to go in on Yandy like you BEY and Jim is HOV, WTF?? NO MAM! Yandy’s a business woman so if you think for one second she didn’t make sure her money was right before she even told Jim about a gig, girl you STUPID!! She made a comment about how Jim was taking Yandy’s cut to give to Chrissy to buy her more handbags and shoes.. In my Antoine Dodson voice “you are so dumb, you are really really dumb”.. Point is as long as she was doing the negotiating she’s getting her coins! I mean when was the last time Jim had a HIT single.. THE RING IS ON AN INSTALLMENT.. LOL #noshade #manager101

Moving on…
Did you all get into the fact that she still acknowledges that Jim may never marry her?? She knows the T! ANNNNNNNND What’s up with these story lines, everybody has some type of a fucking bad childhood, where they grew up an dis-functional household.. “oh my momma wasn’t there for me so that’s why I suck dick and became a video hoe” #haveaseat… It’s almost like a justification of why you are the person you are today as a grown ADULT. I understand that totally, BUT their comes a time when you have to decide whether you’re going to live for you and choose to walk in your path, in other words honey.. Girl you’re old enough to know right from wrong,
you want a better life? You have the power to control your own destiny.. so get out there and make it happen! Idk I was just over that.. What else?? Oh, all that crying in shit.. it’s like you can’t get thru a scene w/o somebody boo-whooing.. Emily and Tearri, where were the tears? Cuz I didn’t see any..

Oliva, Olivia, Oliva.. girl now you get it all of the sudden??? The same shit everybody been telling you.. Now you get it? Ok girl you got it, so lets see what you gone do with it… #NOSHADE and this Olivia and Chrissy beef, I seen that coming.. Chrissy wants to lead and Emily follows.. no back-bone, WEAK, and that’s why they get along so well!

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  1. Posted by Terrall on January 10th, 2012, 21:13

    I completely agree with this. Yandy has been on her grind, representing artists as she said at the premiere of the season. What I dont understand is, how has Yandy been Jim’s manager for all these years and Chrissy been coo with her for all these years but all the sudden she got thing big beef with Yandy? It cant be over that book she gave her because I refuse to believe Chrissy that damn petty. She just mad Yandy her own true INDEPENDENT woman, something she wish she was, hence her trying to take all the profit for Jim’s clothing line lmao!!! Also, how dare Chrissy tell Yandy to get her money up! Excuse me! Yandy should of told her to go get some money before speaking to her about money. Thats like NeNe telling Kandi to step her money up lol.

    I dont even want to touch the subject of Emily WEAK, DEPRESSED self but I must. She in love with Chrissy like she is with Fab lol. She whack for being happy about Kimbella telling her about her and fab at her party like, “Im glad you told me that because it makes me feel better about my decision”. She went from that to not liking Kimbella ONLY because Chrissy decided to not mind her own business and start beefing with her, who does that? Now she wants to sit talking about she moved out thinking she could make it without Fab in her life but dont thik she can, girl go walk into traffic with all that.

    As far as Olivia…I only like her when she keeping it real with her friends because that she does. All she needs to do now is keep it real with herself.

  2. Posted by Renzo on January 11th, 2012, 01:01

    Glad you could relate! I thought it was just me..

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