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Reality Rewind BasketBall Wives Miami Recap

Published on April 10th, 2012


Where the fuck do I begin?!

First of all, who the fuck is this Mya? Did she not know they were filming? Were all the hair stylist booked that day? They couldn’t get that bitch a H&M dress to film in… She was popped from head to toe. Her hair wasn’t done, her fashions were LATE, and she just looked tired!! If I were Jen I wouldn’t fuck with her either!!

These girls are mad because Jen got her shit together and she’s living! Get Your Life Boo…

Kenya is definitely nuts! They said she could actually sing, I beg to differ… I mean you’re 38 years old and you wanna become a POP star, are you having a mid-life crisis? Your hopes of becoming the next Beyonce is just that hopes, you waited to late and that’s just reality of it..Your look is not even current! You have to be on point and these days you must have the look first and then talent. Perhaps she should go into a different type of Genre of music, or write for the next big pop star.. Be honest with yourself sweetie!

I was cool to see Jen and Royce make-up! Evelyn was influenced all over that, Jen’s loyalty was to her friend Evelyn, no shade and she shaded Royce in the process, but now that’s over…

Suzie.. Keeping up shit like always, again I say the show wouldn’t be as interesting if she wasn’t around to start shit… Reaching for content..

Tami… So we finally know why she’s so angry and ignorant, It’s quite often people today confuse being real with being ignorant. “Oh I like Tami because she’s real..” No that bitch is angry! And now you may understand why.. Everyone has their own definition of real, real to me simply means being true to self in terms of defining a person. Being real today is like an excuse to be ignorant and disrespectful, no tact and/or decorum. What was real about the situation is that she know she needs help and she just can’t be walking around like some walking time bomb ready to explode on every person who has an opinion about her!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Thoughts?

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