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Reality Rewind.. Love and Hip Hop Episode 9

Published on January 17th, 2012

Finale next week, Really?? *blank stare* because this storyline should have not went like this… Anyway…

I don’t recall everything so this recap might be a bit scattered. Starting with Erica, she keeps talking about this level she’s on and how Kimbella’s not on her “level”. What is this level you speak of Erica??? LOL What is this singing you speak of?? With those shakey vocals.. Girl your whole being on the show was basically about how you don’t like Kimbella because she’s bigger than you and how she sucked a dick to get to the top, and you sucked one too, but you haven’t quite reached the same status.. I mean really the show put you on, and you made Kimbella more popular. #hoehaveaseat

Yandi, I fucks with her regardless… Why? because at the end of the day she’s independent, she has a back bone (EMILY), and she stands by her shit!! Yes, she may have been out of line with the email with some of the stuff she said about Chrissy… but she had enough! So she went off, Chrissy made it personal from jump and had been talking reckless since.. She was quitting anyway, so she put it out there!! #noshade I mean if you look at the show’s content it seems if Chrissy had a problem with any other female with a dominant personality get close to Jim… That’s just my opinion.

Olivia, Oliva, Olivia.. smh, girl if you don’t take that deal and make it work, somebody wants to invest in your LATE ass, so you don’t have time to be turning down no deals.. The industry is clearly throwing you shade. Make it work, and changed that attitude! … Oh did you all get into the tweets from “mama coon” going in on Olivia.. She is to damn old for that mess!! I’d be embarrassed…

I’m curious to see how this seasonal finale is going to end…

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  1. Posted by B.B. Kitty on January 17th, 2012, 17:23

    I totally agree with Untwisted Beats. Emily is dumb as a can of paint and I’ma need her to turn on the power because clearly her elevator aint reaching the top floor. Olivia, whack ass Olivia…boo the show is making you relevent. She needs to hurry up and sign a deal. Ain’t nobody checking for you while you’re weighing your option. Girl boom. Kimbella gets 10pts for going to Erica’s party for a sitdown. Chrissy is a nonfactor for me. Yandy..I LIVE!! Not only is she on her grind and making the impossible happen aka getting Jim Jones gigs, Mama serves it in every scene. I just wanna go play in her closet..lol Keep up the good work Untwisted Beats.

    Bee B. Kitty

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