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RHOA Sheree Whitfield The New Sweetie?? Awe Man…

Published on April 5th, 2012

Damn it’s real out here for Sheree! Poor thing…

Well the Tea I got from a source in Atlanta is that Sheree no longer meets any of the 3 requirements that you must have to be a cast-mate on the show, 1 is to be an actual housewife, 2 is to have some type business going and/or entrepreneurship and 3 I don’t remember what that last one was!

However If you noticed this season Sheree was real messy, she didn’t have a storyline and T is she knew she was on the chopping block, so in order to keep her “job” she had to stir up shit to stay relevant.. SMH, I think the overall season was LATE, they were REACHING for content!! I know what it’s like to be unemployed honey, no shade.. especially in this economy! Keep your head up Sheree, you can make it!

I did heard that she may have a spot on Kim’s new spinoff, (who couldn’t make last night’s appearance to due family vacation already planned) I hear she’s the new SWEETIE!? Congratulations!

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